February 14th Essay

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February 14th
I ripped open the taxi door as fast as I could and leaped into the back seat hitting my head on the way in. I didn’t care I just had to get away from the madness of that one day in February, away from all the red roses and the bears that sang I love you. I splashed my bags across the seat and clicked my seat belt. My hair was all in my face, sticking to my lip gloss and in between my glasses that is when I heard the voice. His voice.
I froze. I cringed. Why on this day? Why in this taxi? “Where would you like to go today miss” his voice was rusty like he had a cold or something. He turned around and looked through the protective glass screen at me, the flustered girl in the back seat. It was then that he realised.
“What are you doing here?” I half screamed at him. “This is my taxi and this is my job. What are you doing here?” I stared out the window thinking, remembering all of the memories I had shared with this man. All of the hate came flushing back. I hated him. “I was going to get a ride home but now I am not” I grabbed my bag and un clipped my seat belt just as I went to open the door the car made a noise. “mmmmvp” Jacob had locked the doors. “What are you doing? Are you crazy? Let me out, there are plenty of other taxis that I can catch if not I will walk. I would rather do that then be stuck in a vomit smelling yellow car being driven around by you!” I slapped the chair and he smirked at me and gave a pathetic laugh.” Jess, you hate Valentine’s Day, you hate the roses and the teddy bears that sing. It makes your head hurt just like the I make your head hurt.” He twists back around to face the steering wheel. With his long and tanned hands her turned the key and put his foot to the accelerator. “To the terrace?”
‘Pardon me?” I exclaimed. I was trying to process this all. He, Jacob is supposed to be in Australia. He left the day we broke up. The day he supposedly broke my heart. “The terrace, do you still live there with your feral cat and all your mess?” he gave a snort as he pulled up at a set of red lights. The traffic was terrible. Bumper to bumper. “Great” I thought as I glanced around at the hundreds of cars. No escape from the problem that has haunted me for the last 6 years. “Yes I am still at the terrace but no it is not messy and was never messy. I no longer have Johnston he passed away form a tumour last month.” I sighed and put my seat belt back into its pocket. “ I am sorry to hear that” Jacob sighed as he turned in and out of the small and tight streets of new York city. As we were dodging and darting and twisting through the streets I went over in my mind to what had happened that night. What had happened to make him do what he did, to find an old granny so attractive. It was a long day at work, I was working with many clients on a day that I loved so much. It was Valentine ’s Day and everywhere I looked everyone was happy and was in a joyful mood which made my day so much easier. I caught the train home and just as I was walking