Fever Dream Essay

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Fever Dream

1. If I were the director of one of these plays that I watched this year I would direct “Fever Dream”.
2. My concept of the story would be to have less of a focus on the son the sons that been locked up in the basement and focus more on the business part of it. Bill Basil would be the C.E.O of a company that is going through a downfall. It used to be really popular and business was great but now it’s slowing down and he is so old school that he keep the same business plans and ideas. He would then become really sick and take a half-year of from the business and leave it for his son to take over for those 6 months that he will be gone for. His dad was planning of selling the company but his son talked him in to it to let him take over for the time being then he can make the decision of selling it. In those 6 months his son Charlie comes up with fresh ideas changes the whole staff and him and his crew come up with fresh and new ideas from there generation to make the company more modern and keep it up to par with everyone else. In those 6 months his son would have changed the company and make it relevant again. His dad would be shocked and end up letting him take over since his figures out that time had changed and that his son who is part of the new generation has the ideas to run his company.
3. The plot will be a business corporation in New York.
4. The story would take place in the modern era, and how a young adult can change everything.
5. The original storyline of “Fever Dream” was really Cheesy and not real and it really focused on things that I think people don’t really care about. The relationship of the father and son was so not realistic and just made up to me. Also I would have no glitter in this play. Lol
6. The message for the story will be that sometimes in life you should take risks and that you should always take ideas and other people outputs in work and even in life. Some people are hard headed and think their the smartest person in the room when they might not be.
7. The message of the play would be a young adult growing up and living life in the city of NY. I would have a lot of color in the production and…