Fifth Labor Essay

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Bl. D Second Labor: Destroying the Many-Headed Hydra
After this Hercules was ordered by Eurysthesus to kill the Hydra which had nine heads. The strong man then set out with his friend Iolus to the Lernaeam swamp where the Hydra inhabited. Soon he came upon the monster and with danger he seized the neck with his left hand. Then he began to cut off the nine heads with the right; but he labored in vain for a long time. Elsewhere a new head would arise. Finally he decided to burn the heads by fire. He quickly did this. With eight heads destroyed, he found he was not able to hurt the last head, because it was immortal. Therefore Hercules was able to put it under a gigantic rock and the labor was completed. After he had killed merely the Hydra, he soaked his arrows in its blood and repaid it with death.1 Fifth Labor: Cleaning Up the Augean Stables Thereafter Eurystheus place upon a much greater labor to Hercules. With great magnitude was this labor; no one of one hundred men was able to accomplish it. Augeas, who held king at that time in Elide, was where three thousand oxen were living. These enormous sizes were enclosed in a stable. This stable, because for 30 years they had not been cleaned, Hercules was ordered to clean the space within one day. He, even though the time was difficult, began the task. First he made a trench for the river's water from the mountain which he led to the stable's wall. Then destroying a small part of the wall, the water flowed through the stable. This merely completed the labor on the contrary of everyone's opinion by one easy day.

Seventh Labor: Taking the Bull by the Horns Then Eurystheus ordered Hercules to bring back alive a certain ferocious bull from the island of Crete. As soon as the wind was favorable, he climbed aboard the ship and immediately set sail. When he approached immediately to the island however, a great storm suddenly began to blow, and he was not able to keep the ship's course. A great terror seized the…