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Phase 5 IP Politics
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There is a reason why Americas have fought so hard so to protect its shores. This hard work and dedication to liberty has established America as the beacon of freedom for all of the free world. The backbone of our freedom is the Bill of Rights; it extends civil liberties to each and every individual citizen of the United States. Even those who have committed crimes, there are Amendments in place to protect their rights and make sure they receive a fair and just trial to prove their guilt or innocent. This essay will explore some of those amendments in action and focus in on how they assist the accused and other in the justice system.

My crime scenario A group of protestors have gathered outside of the doors of a well-known bank in the heart of down town Washington D.C. They are protesting the economic failure of the government and near depression we are experiencing. John the leader protestors begin to shout and gets carried away with his chants of more government less money. A peace officer has asks John, to cool it John goes a step further to prove his point and throws a book at a peace officer striking her in the back and shouts an obscene names at her. He is taken into custody and screams call my lawyer and shouts police brutality I know my rights and you are violating them all. The officer he struck begins the Miranda and places him in a police car.

The first Amendment gives us the right to freedom of expression which consists of freedom speech, press, assembly and the right to petition the government for damages or share criticisms, of associations in regard to government performance. Also the first Amendment protects every citizen’s right to worship as they chose. The freedom of religion forbids the government from creating or passing any type of legislation that may institute an approved religion or favoring one religion more than another (FIRST AMENDMENT, 2010). Other rights included under this Amendment are the freedom of speech and press which are very similar allowing an individual to express their ideas and opinions verbally or through publication without constraint or interference by the government. However the Supreme Court has recognized and prohibited some speech. These forms of speech are defined as causing a breach of the peace or causing violence in society (FIRST AMENDMENT, 2010). This Amendment affect each and every person, I allows us to have news broadcasts, papers and radio. It gives us the right to freely express ideas and opinions. Without this amendment many of the innovation we enjoy would have been dismissed or shunned, due to the lack of free communication of ideas. This freedom we enjoy so much can also land us in trouble, as is the case for John our protestor. He is using this as a defense to his crime, he feels he was just expressing his feeling and exercising his rights. We might not think of this but computer crimes also fall under the first Amendment. Computer hackers were skate around the first Amendment in their activities and said it was the freedom of the World Wide Web that give them the right to use intellectual properties, which are considered a form of speech and is cover under the first Amendment (Front Line, 2001). But not all speech is cover and no actions are covered so when John tossed that book he crossed the line.

The Fourth Amendment is the right to be secure from in against unreasonable searches and seizures, of a citizens, houses, papers, and personal effects, without warrants or without establishing probable cause. This cause must be supported by oath or confirmation of an official, and for the most part be describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized (). This affects law enforcement and criminals it gives criminal loop holes to wave in and out of and makes police officers