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Matthew S.Bandmann

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I Matthew Bandmann have been hired to by Wal-Mart Inc., human resources department .I have been hired to do a review and study of the field management and lead supervisor positions to identify both the strengths and weaknesses as well as providing suggestions to strengthen the areas within the management team that are weak.Throughout my study I have observed the way management interacts with their fellow management team and the company employees.I have observed and taken notes on communication within the company from the top management down though the most recent company hires.I have noted the style of management and in diversity that exsits within the management styles(Hall&Kinni, 2005).In addition to management style and communication though the company I have observed and noted the leadership in the company and the results of the leadership and applies to overall moral of the as it applies to the associates.The following are the results from my study.

There are two types of leaders leading in the building and representing the leadership for the company. There are task oriented leaders Zigarmi,Blanchard ,O’Connor,&Edeburn2005)and then there are relationship building managers. The diversity within the leadership roles is common and expected. The issue I observed was not in the diverse leadership but in the companys expectations of the manager roles.The company has adopted what is known as the " Contingency Theory "(Loyd.,2003).The contingency theory is a task oriented approach to management. The ultimate goal us achievement .The situation and the audience that a manager is faced when face with is how a manager must build action plans and determine how direction or delegation of responsibility should be given

to ensure task completion and employee engagement. "(Loyd.,2003)).When a company decides to approach the management of their company and of their employees with an approach like the contingency theory (Antoine,1988)or situational approach , negative is no room for vacation and all managers must adopt the contingency theory and situational approach to management to ensure consistency. A company or work environment that fails to lead with integrity , ethics, and consistency will have a negative impact on their associates and on the overall associate moral. The main area of concern I noted during my study was the associate moral. Associate moral is down by more than 25% from last year.The company has come up with survey for the associates to take concerning how they feel they are treated and how management leads in the company. The survey is submitted anonymous and is used to help improve the management styles and overall management engagement (Hersey,Blanchard&Johnson,2001)in the company. The yearly management evaluations are in part scored on the Survey results annually from either the growth or decline of the surveys overall score.The survey has been named Grass Roots.

It seems that currently the management is divided in the company from those who have completely adopted to the situational leadership approach and those who still lead primarily with relationship management approach.With both relationship and task oriented styles are management styles neither style is 100% effective without