Essay about Filial Piety

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Essay about using ‘filial piety’ as an example, explain how cultural practices/values change
Introduction and background: When it comes to filial piety, it should be a complex concept with different meaning and value in distinct period and region. Dating back to the history of filial piety, Chinese Confucian is the most representative pillar which claims: A respect for the parents and ancestors. However, filial piety is not unique for Chinese. East Asia country like Japan and Korea also had the similar concept, which had been highly influenced by Chinese culture. In some religion, Christian and Buddhism introduce some ideas of filial piety. However, the content of filial piety refers to be respect to elders, closed tied with family,
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Japan government raised the golden plan in 1989 which is now part of the national long-term care insurance system. And its measures specifically designed for social support, that is, programs to increase the social participation of seniors in the community, known as purpose of life policies, are not inclusive of the special needs of the very old. Our society with culture interaction and value converted, is suffering from huge transformation to family ties. People are beginning to actively think about what they do and as more people choose alternative life, the traditions that surround filial piety will soon fall away. Our society moves to a more non-traditional world that emphasizes privacy and personal space. People no longer live in the past time where parents and children had unequal roles in life, and had different economic and social status. Not only elders want to be life independent, but the young demand privacy and the rise of individualism. Generation gap between elders and young is becoming deeper. Even living together, elders seem not to avoid sense of lonely. Elders are willing to have own time and not worry about chores in their sons’ homes. Sons can share their burdens and both contribute to feeding the elders. Sometimes, living separately can remind son of becoming more filial and respectful. For