Film or Live Theater Essay

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I feel like there is always a debate on whether movies are better than live theater. Well everybody has their own views and reasons to support them about whether movies or live theatre. My reactions towards live theater is that no matter where scene the actor is telling his story, your imagination can alter the story. Each performance is impossible to replicate since everyone's mind works differently. Most all live theater is intense and breath taking, by how the actor is using real emotions to capture the audience. As for films and TV shows, the plot is often already planned and directors have unnecessary special effects just to draw the crowd with an attention-grabber. Also films are recorded and a single line or scene can be easily filmed ten or fifteen times till it comes out to be satisfactory; whereas live theater there is room for error to mess up and stumble words. Technology has a huge advantage to films since viewers suspend their disbelief less and retain all the images that are on the film screen, creating a false image on the viewers thought of the story. Although stance and tone of voice are important in both live theater and films, camera angle is a huge factor in films. If a slight error in the camera angle is shot the whole film could be in ruins. My favorite live theater performance was Another Earth by Mark. This skit was very interesting since I could imagine myself trapped in a little small space shuttle flying through the solar system with a…