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Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses is a comedy movie about three grown gentlemen who hate their jobs all because of their bosses. They are all friends and one day decide that the only way they can continue working where they do is to kill each boss. They are not murderers by any means, so they go to great lengths to find someone to do it for them but they are unsuccessful. They come to the conclusion that they will have to kill the bosses themselves and through a series of events their bosses no longer have their jobs and they all got away scot-free. There is no real purpose for this movie being created other than bring a smile to someones face. The target audience for the movie is mainly men, roughly the age of twenty-five and older. It can also reach out to anyone who does not like their job or boss, I do not think women would dislike the movie but the humor is more towards a males point of view. I am sure they would not appreciate some of the crude jokes towards some of the girls in the film, but there are some humorous for all. The movie consists of mostly Caucasians of the middle to upper class. There are scenes in the movie that portray to many stereotypes of African Americans. Also, how the real world can be tough and you have to learn how to adapt and roll with the punches. There is another scene in the movie that refers to the Indian race, you never get to see the gentleman in the film but you hear his voice and learn his name. The movie is a great example of someone who has power, uses that power, to stay in power. This movie would be a great one to watch in a sociology class not only because of how entertaining it is, but also for its sarcastic view on each race in the film. How it portrays the way each race choses to live their lives. Not too many people would be able to watch this film and really think about why each scene is shot the way it is, but this class has opened up my eyes and showed me how stereo types and assumptions get made everyday about certain people or races. Media has a huge influence on people and they do not realize the bad side effect it has with people today, most people watch this movie and just see a comedy that makes them laugh. People see this movie and do not notice the reason they think of African Americans when they hear the words gang, violence and projects. It seems to be typical to see this in movies. Through out this movie there are many examples of sociological concepts that we learned about in class. In the opening scene of this movie, one of the main characters is at his job and his boss brings him into his office and lets him know about a new position opening up and that he is a high candidate for getting this promotion. A couple scenes later, everyone in the office is gathered around the boss’s table to hear the verdict on who he has chosen to give the promotion to. The boss demonstrates iron law of oligarchy because he gives himself that job on top of the one he already possesses so that everyone in the building keeps their same jobs and he can make more money. He uses his power to stay in power. Another scene in the movie demonstrates sexism. The boss that keeps the job for himself has a wife, while the men are planning to kill him, they do a stakeout of his house and they see his wife and udder a couple of rude remarks and begin to talk about if they could have her to themselves. One of the men says to the other that he would never be able to have her as a spouse because a woman like that can’t work, she has to be pampered and bought. Applying that she can’t do things for herself in the work place, she just uses her good looks to get through life. When I saw this movie for the first time I never noticed the race separation because I was too busy laughing and not really critiquing the film, but as the men are looking for killers they begin to drive around. The car they are driving in has a “Nav-guide” system where you can talk to…