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Film Reflection Paper #1

This is a documentary movie about American same gender marriage. Take a look at the debate over the same gender marriage in this documentary. Many same sex couples have been facing conflicts between laws regulations, religious, traditional marriage concepts of other people, and other varied reasons.
After watching this movie, I did some research about the same sex marriage in America. I found out that there are nine states approved same sex marriage in law including New York State. In my point of view, if two people fall in love with each other whether they are the same gender or not, if both of them have the willing to live together for the rest of their lives. They have the rights to stay together or get married since they have made their decisions. In addition, the law is created by human and its purposes are to help citizens get high quality daily life. Not every piece of the law is perfect, it needs get improved. If the government can consider the same gender couple and different gender couple in the same way, provide a better legal environment and develop the law like the same sex marriage in rest of other states. Things will become much easier for those same gender couples. At least, once it becomes legal, people won’t take this as odd or talk about it too much.
However, we are all living in a family system. In my mind, as a Chinese, I was born and grew up in a traditional environment. For me, marriage is not only a official way for