Impetuous Fool Romeo And Juliet

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Morgan Randall
Ms. Hall
English 9 4 A/C
June 9, 2013

Final Project Essay Overall Romeo is an impetuous fool. He makes many important decisions without thinking first. If Romeo would have thought things through he wouldn’t have been in the situations that he was in. Romeo is an impetuous fool because he fell in love with Juliet. At the time, Romeo was in love with Rosaline. She didn’t love him back so he went to a party where he met Juliet. I feel like Romeo was desperate to find love and used Juliet. The love that Romeo and Juliet found happened too quickly. I don’t believe in love at first sight at all. When you fall in love that quickly you are only looking at the other person’s looks and not what’s in their heart or at their personality. Lastly, Romeo was a fool to fall in love with Juliet because she is a Capulet and he is a Montague. They have a family feud and their marriage would never be accepted. Romeo should not have fallen in love with Juliet. Romeo is an impetuous because he killed Tybalt. Romeo once again thought too quickly with anger. He was angry that Tyblat killed Mercutio so he made a rash decision right away. Romeo didn’t think about the consequences of fighting. The prince had already said if anyone fought they were to be executed. Romeo ended up being banished from Verona. That was almost worse than being executed because he wouldn’t be able to see his Juliet anymore. Romeo should not have killed Tybalt. Romeo is an impetuous fool for killing himself. Romeo heard