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Final Exam
Paraphrasing Short Answers
1. Children in talkative societies grow up around a lot of storytelling; but so do all children. We listen before we can read. Some of our listening is more like listening in to the voices of the adult world, on the radio or the television or in our daily lives. Usually it's an overhearing of things we aren't supposed to hear, eavesdropping on crazy gossip or family secrets. From all these scraps of voices, from the whispers and shouts that surround us, even from the ominous silences, the unfilled gaps in meaning, we patch together for ourselves an order of events, a plot or plots; these are the things that happen, these are the people they happen to, this is the forbidden knowledge. We have all been little pitchers with big ears, shooed out of the kitchen when the unspoken is being spoken, and we have probably all been those to hold secrets, blurters at the dinner table, and unwitting violators of adult rules of censorship. Perhaps this is what writers are: those who never kicked the habit. We remained tale-bearers. We learned to keep our eyes open, but not to keep our mouths shut.
2. Have you ever thought about what your community would look like without litter? If so, it may take a while to find out. One person throwing something on the ground may not think much of it, however, when that trash finds other trash, they begin to build up and make big piles of junk. For example, I am sure people never thought that if they littered, their trash would end up in the pacific garbage patch. Believe it or not, no one thinks that until you look at the pacific garbage patch and see how disgusting it looks just because people were to lazy to throw their trash away. To make matters worse, littering has become very common, which should be stopped because in most cases, trash is not disposed of properly, leading to innocent people having to spend money on clean up, or big piles of trash on people’s lawns.
3. Most of the people like to go either on beaches, eating in exclusive restaurants, living in expensive hotels or travel to other countries as their way of relaxation; however my mode of relaxation was completely different. My friends and I like to go on far away quite lakes to spend some time in tranquility. After the complicated life of urban life, intense traffic, polluted air and endless problems, union with nature seemed to us the most worthwhile way to relax. It happened last year. We decided to go on a distant lake called Green lakes for three days. We loaded our van with a camp, stoves, blankets and lots of food item. In the summer, the forest looked beautiful. The trees were full of