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1. (TCO A) Discuss the problem with grapevine communication within the workplace. How can organizations avoid the communication of false information? (Points : 25)
Grapevine communication is an informal form of communication in an organization. It flows in all directions irrespective of the hierarchy. This type of communication is sometime good and can be worst form of communication.There are many forms of formal communications in an organizations though employees prefer to communicate grapevine which can also form gossip.Generally such type of communications occur in the lower level of the organization and can impact the whole organizations efficiency hazardously. There may be different reasons for grapevine communication.
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2. (TCO A) Your company has just purchased an adjoining building. Its first initiative is to build a childcare center on the ground floor. As human resources manager, you have been given the task of inviting affected employees to a meeting to help plan the new center. First you have to analyze your audience. Who is your target audience? What is your relationship with the audience? How will the audience likely react? What does the audience already know? What is unique about the audience? (Points : 25)
Being a human resource manager, i will invite all the employees who will be moving to a new center to assemble in a conference room. I will prefer to communicate this within the four walls of the organization before we communicate formally about our movement and plans. we will be conducting brain storming sessions to get information about whole movement and plan of a new childcare center. i strongly believe that employees will be very happy to provide their insights about this project.
The communication will be in such a way that it will not reveal movement of affected employees instead will be communicated as "I am happy to let all of you know that all our hard work and dedication has paid, we will be moving to a new place with lot of new synergies with us, i would like your