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1. Discuss the magnitude of the problem, citing statistics and describe at least 4 types of violence against women. Identify at least 3 community resources available to them. What are at least 5 strategies a woman can use to reduce her risk of assault or violence?
There several types of violence that occurs against women. Physical abuse is when the abuser is physically attacking and it can range from leaving bruises on the victim to murdering them. Examples of this include hitting, punching, burning, using objects as weapons, etc. Another type of abuse is emotional abuse. This type of abuse is defined as psychological or mental violence that impacts the mental health and wellbeing of a person. This abuse includes insulting a person and putting them down, intimidation, humiliation, stalking, etc. Sexual abuse is another type of violence that occurs against women. This is defined as the victim being forced into unwanted sexual activity. This includes performing sexual acts against their will, pursuing sexual activity when the victim is not fully conscious, or even hurting their partner physically during sex or assaulting genitals. Economic abuse is any behavior that maintains power and control over finances. Examples of this includes controlling financial assets and effectively putting the victim on an allowance, causing a partner to lose their job through direct and indirect means, or even damaging a partner’s credit score. There are several resources to women if they feel they may be in an abusive relationship. There are 24-hour toll free hotlines available to women that feel they may be in an abusive relationship. Law enforcement can also be contacted for those in need of help. Finally, support groups are always available for women that need assistance and help with their situation. Strategies that can help women reduce their risk of assault or violence is to; have a safety plan, see the connection between all levels of violence, take all violence seriously, take troubled/angry people seriously and finally separate anger from violence.
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2. Identify at least 3 modifiable and 3 non-modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease and discuss 5 specific actions in depth that women can take to reduce their risk.
Three modifiable risks factors include smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity (over 20% of one's ideal body weight). Three non-modifiable risk factors would include race (African American, Mexican American, and American Indian), a family disease of heart disease, and being post-menopausal. There are many different actions that women can do to decrease their risk of having cardiovascular disease. For one, if you are a smoker quit, if not do not start and stay away from second hand smoke. Smokers have twice the risk of cardiovascular disease than those who do not. Another great method to reduce the risk of heart disease is getting active. Individuals that do not exercise have higher chances of developing heart disease. Moderate intensity exercise for 30 minutes a day is usually recommended for most people; however, more vigorous activity have more benefits to one's health. Eating a healthy diet low in sodium, fat, sugar, and cholesterol is a great way to prevent heart disease. Individuals should eat a well-balanced diet enriched with vitamins and nutrients. Each day, individuals should have adequate serving of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Poorly controlled stressed can lead to heart disease. Stress can be managed by various relaxation techniques including guided imagery, yoga, massage, and meditation. Controlling diabetes can prevent heart attacks and death. Glucose levels can be controlled by eating a well-balanced diet, exercising, and