Sociology of Sex Essay

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1. Which of the following STDs is a viral disease?
Herpes Simplex II

2. Of the various types of STDs, the type that is caused by a ______________ is usually the most difficult to treat.

3. Which of the following is NOT a bacterial sexually transmitted disease?
Genital Warts

4. HPV, or human papillomavirus, usually appears around the urethral opening or shaft of the penis or on the scrotum of the male, on the vulva or cervix of the female, and/or on the anus. They are not painful. In everyday language, we call this virus:
Genital Warts

5. A woman's chances of contracting cervical cancer increase greatly if she has had:
Genital Warts

6. If left untreated for long periods, trichomoniasis may cause damage to the cells of the cervix, making them more susceptible to:
Pelvic Inflammatory disease

7. The kind of sexual behavior in which a person engages differs in risk for contracting HIV. For gays, the person most likely to test positive for HIV is:
The receiving partner

8. Which STD is sometimes called "the Great Pox"?

9. This STD begins with the appearance of a chancre and possible flu-like symptoms. The chancre then goes away, and the long-term effects such as insanity and blindness do not show up until at least a decade or so later. This STD is:

10. When a generalized body rash develops for this STD, an individual has entered
Secondary stage syphilis

11. This disorder is the most common among men who seek sex therapy.
Erectile Disorder

12. In the most common version of male orgasmic disorder, the man:
Orgasms with hand or mouth stimulation, but not intercourse.

13. A woman who had coital orgasms at some time in her life but no longer does would be classified as experiencing
Acquired orgasmic disorder.

14. The term that describes the sexual disorder in which a woman has never had an orgasm in her life is:
Lifelong orgasmic disorder

15. A very effective form of sexual therapy for women who may have had the vagina stretched in childbirth and now have an orgasmic disorder is:
Doing daily Kegel exercises

16. An immediate cause of sexual dysfunction consisting of thoughts (cognitive interference) that distract the person from focusing on the erotic experience is:

17. A sexual technique developed by Masters and Johnson where a couple is forbidden to have sexual intercourse until the couple can express their desire only by touching one another is called:
Sensate focus exercises

18. In couple therapy, the focus of the therapy is on:
The couple’s relationship itself

19. Suction devices have been developed as a treatment for:
Erectile disorders

20. Spastic contractions of the outer third of the vagina, which may make intercourse impossible, are characteristic of the condition called:

21. The prostitute who is usually from a middle-class background, often educated, and is the elite and most expensive of the prostitutes:
Call girl

22. These female prostitutes work in regular shifts. They provide sexual gratification on an hourly basis, servicing clients who come to the apartment, with the costs in major cities running about $150 to $200 per hour. We are talking about:
In-call services

23. Generally the least attractive and least fashionable of prostitutes are the:

24. In entering the field of prostitution, most women have to go through an apprenticeship during which they must learn the following sexual technique that many of their customer’s desire:

25. These groups on the Internet, which are called __________, provide a location where individuals can meet and carry on conversations electronically.
Chat rooms

26. The commodifcation of sex work refers to:
The fact that sex work can be bought and sold

27. An example of the difference between soft-core pornographic magazines and hard-core pornographic magazines is that:
Playboy and Penthouse are good examples of