Final Marketing Plan Team Assignment Essay

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Final Marketing Plan, Team B
By: Rosalee Smith Redden, Barbara Matthews, Stephanie Taylor, Constance Punch
February 16, 2015
Frederick Beiermeister

Every product or service has something unique about it, a type of appeal that raises great interest from many consumers. In the case of the electric bike, the appeal can include environmental benefits, as well as recreational benefits. Within any company, there is always a target market to ensure the success of any given product. For the bike, the target market includes the environmentally conscious businessperson and the recreational users. Although the market will change and undergo different phases such as the economy and environmental phases, the company will be able to adapt to certain situations. Price strategies, packaging and distribution of various products or services, vary according to the desire of the consumer. Either way, the packaging should be appealing to the eye and the environment.
An overview of the company organization
For more than a century, many children have made their way to and from school on one of the most popular bikes in Finland. This is an established part of everyone’s everyday life in that nation. The many models that are see can be described as the Helkama.
In 1905, Heikki J Helkama, a Finnish family business founded the Helkama bike. The Helkama is best known for their bicycle although they do produce some other products such as the cable. Some of the models that are known include the Jopos, Ainos, Kulkuris to just name a few. Professional assessments and Helkama’s experience proves to be the highest rated in sports and leisure equipment in Finland. The corporation take pride in their work and values its Finnish heritage, high quality and its consistency in living up to the Helkama brand name. With over a hundred years of tradition, and the expansion over the years, the Helkama Company employs approximately 1,000 persons in seven countries.
The product we are discussing today is the Helkama Electric Bike. Our target market is anyone who is interested in an alternative method of transportation, while helping the environment along the way. The Electric Bike provides a solution to those problems for the consumer. It is an electric bike; as a result it takes no fuel as a motor vehicle would. This concept lessens the pollution that is introduced to the environment, destroying the ozone layer. This concept is ideal for the environmentally conscious consumer. This particular bike is an electric bike partially powered by the rider. The rider pedals some to help charge the battery, providing the rider with exercise and results in a renewable energy source. For those who live in a big city, riding an electric bike helps reduce the traffic congestion in the city. Less traffic means fewer travel times for those who are driving a motor vehicle. The increased use of the electric bikes would also alleviate a congested parking system. In larger cities such as San Francisco, parking is not only very scarce, but can also be expensive. However, to park a bike, electric or otherwise is relatively inexpensive and easier. To find a parking space for a bike is much easier than parking in an expensive garage. In smaller cities where traffic is not an issue, an electric bike can simply be a way to enjoy a beautiful day in the park with the family. The bike can also help those who might not be able to ride a traditional bike, enjoy a bike ride. In Sacramento, there are both types of bikes, electric and conventional, and families rent them to enjoy a ride along the riverside. Not only can these electric bikes be a benefit to the serious rider, but also to the leisure rider as well.

A description of the Product
Helkam bicycles are made from recyclable materials, and as a carbon dioxide-free means of transportation, cycling does its part to support sustainable development. The company is a member of the SELT