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St. Joseph’s University
Department of Food Marketing

Food Marketing Strategy - FMK 401

D01 TR 3:30-4:45 pm Barbelin/Lonergan Hall 306
D02 TR 5:00-6:15 pm MV 204

Instructor: Dr. Mark Lang
Office: MV 303
Student Office Hrs: Tuesday & Thursday 1:45pm-3:15pm
Office Phone: 610-660-3431

Course Description
Students will learn and practice how to integrate research, strategy, creativity, and presentation skills and outcomes directly useable in executive business situations. The course will draw material from several sources and disciplines. Graded work will be heavily weighted towards presenting components of the final case as developed during the semester. The first part of the course will be spent setting up and developing skills and then transition to working on a realistic case problem. This course is developed to serve as an FMK capstone; it will draw from the previous FMK courses and integrate and apply this learning..

Reading Materials
Text: Marketing Strategy: A Decision-Focused Approach, Orville Walker & John Mullins, 2014, 8th Edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin

Additional readings will include assigned articles and reports.

Learning Objectives
Successfully completing this course will provide you with the following knowledge and skills.
1. Understand the importance and role of strategy in the food marketing organization
2. Understand the purpose, process, and issues related to research in support of strategy development
3. Learn how to think strategically about the marketplace and marketing
4. Practice, hands on, how to perform strategy oriented research and problem analysis
5. Understand the strategy and tactical development framework, process, and issues
6. Practice, hands on, how to perform strategy and tactical development
7. Understand the process, issues, and best practices related to presenting strategy research and outcomes
8. Practice, hands on, how to review, discuss, and debate strategy research and outcomes
9. Practice how to develop a marketing plan based on sound strategies

Teaching Methodology
Successful learning (and grades) in this course will depend on students being prepared and actively contributing to class discussions and exercises. Preparation will include readings, homework, and assignments done in advance of class.

Written work will be a very important method for completing tasks and assignments and communicating ideas. A high standard for writing and documentation will be expected and upheld. This means excellent research, facts, organization, thinking, summary writing, grammar, and spelling.

Attendance Policy
As much of the learning and feedback occurs in the classroom, students are expected to attend all classes, be on time, and be prepared to participate. All absences should be discussed with the instructor in advance. Multiple absences could result in a letter grade reduction or an FA grade depending on the extent of absences or tardiness.

If you must miss a class, any assignments are still due by the due date. If you miss a class or are late, please catch up on material covered from a fellow student, outside of class.

Assignments and Evaluation
My goal for graded work is for the student to demonstrate a grasp of key knowledge and concepts and the ability to apply them. Graded work will also be used to support class discussion and feedback.

Much of your work will be submitted electronically. Assignments are to be submitted on the due date before the start of class. Late work will receive a grade reduction. Arrange for any printing or copying to be completed by the time class starts.