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Lean Techniques Project
Lead Time at Roscoe’s Fast Food Restaurant

Professor: Freeberg, Kacie Marshall
Group: Nilson Batista, Vitor Mendes Ribeiro, Wayne de Lima
Date: February 16, 2015




Problem Solving


Sample Data


Control Chart


Value Stream Map


Improvement Plan



Roescoe’s Fast Food Order Time Reduction
Executive Summary
Prepared by Nilson Batista Lemes Junior, Vitor Mendes Ribeiro, and Wayne de Lima

During the winter quarter of 2015, the group used the Lean techniques learned in class in a project. The place chosen was Roescoe’s Fast Food that is one of MSOE Restaurants created to serve all the students that live in the dorms, located at 1120 N Milwaukee St,
Milwaukee, WI. It opens Monday to Thursday from 6 pm to 11pm and its menu consists of sandwiches, fries, burger, chips, and drinks. The group chose this Restaurant to apply
Lean tools because of the accessibility since all the group eat there, and because the current problem affects the routine of our colleagues. The average time found based on the data collected between December 13th and 17th to make a sandwich and pay it is
7.40 minutes.
After that, the group decided what should be done, what should not be changed, what are the resources available, and the calculations to identify what would be our target.
Based on the problem, the time available, our primary and secondary metrics, and PE goal calculation the group’s objective is:
“To reduce the average of order time of a sandwich at the Roscoe's fast food restaurant from 7.40 minutes to 5.70 minutes by February 28th without adversely affecting number of employees and ingredients”.
After performing necessary brainstorm to investigating the root causes of the problem along with Lean Assessment Tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen as well as Six
Sigma Tools such as PE goal, fishbone, 5 whys, and Control Chart, the group identified the root causes of the problem, which are the following: training, distance between products, friendly workers, and position of the soda machine. The best solution found respecting the restrictions is training employees correctly before putting them in the workstation, create a new layout that makes the process “flows”, and avoid unnecessary talk mainly during the peak time.
In addition, Kanban cards can be used to warn when some stuffs were gotten from the inventory and need to be replenished. With these recommendations Roescoe’s will increase their productivity and customer satisfaction with a low or zero investment.


Problem Solving
Project Title/ Number:

Roescoe's Fast Food Restaurant

Facilitator: Kacie Freeberg

Step #1 Identify the Problem
A. Problem Statement - Should be short, concise and to the point
According to (Production Reports) the (Salvage) on (Line 12) has been
(18%) from (Period 2 to Period 8, FY 12) , compared to a goal of (12% ).
According to ______________ the ________ on _________ has been
______ from Period ____ to Period ____, FY ____, compared to a goal of


Team Members

What should be happening?
What is happening?
Where is the problem?
When does/did the problem occur?
How big is the problem?
How long has the problem existed?
How do I know?

Nilson Batista Lemes Junior
Vitor Mendes Ribeiro

According to the Data collected from the field measurements made between December 13th and
17th, 2015, the average time between the beginning of the process (entrance) and when it is completed (payment) of a sandwich order at Roscoe's fast food restaurant is 7.40 minutes.



Friendly workers

Avoid unnecessary talk mainly during the peak time 4

Position of the soda machine

Create a new layout that makes the process

Wayne de Lima

B. Metrics
Metrics - What will you

Operational Definition - How

Baseline - What is the current

is it measured


Recorded a sample of order time manually using timer

7.40 minutes