Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment

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BHCS is a hundred percent subsidiary of the Robert Bosch GmbH founded in January 2015 with its headquarters in Waiblingen, Germany and is perceived as internal Bosch Group startup. This firm develops projects in different areas that aim to create digital solutions for better health and improved safety to full fletched medical products for patients and healthcare professionals. There are five product areas within the organization called High-tech components for medical applications, Improvement of emerging markets in China and India,
Therapy management, Laboratory diagnostics and Connected Life. This last one develops innovative connectivity solutions to help people in any situation in the daily life (BHCS
Currently the Connected Life
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If the call is classified as major call, it will be transferred to the 112 emergency call center with more information regarding to the users location and other data, see Figure 2.1.
If the call is categorized as a medium call then the agent will collect the required information to decide what kind of service the user needs and then a contact person or a helper will be send to the user’s location (BHCS 2015a).
If the call is classified as minor emergency, the call will be handled by the agent or he will send the respective service provider e.g. locksmith service, babysitting, domestic help or other kind of services like information support by phone looking for a pharmacy, hotel, etcetera. With this innovative idea BHCS pretends to transform the assistance services market, simplifying the way in which today help is provided. Customers are going only to need one call to get help. Whatever the situation is, Lifebuddy is going to be able to offer the right solution to the customers, due to the different suppliers with which it is associated.
To offer these services, BHCS has to build up relationships with different partners, which should have a broad portfolio with a big number of services for assistance situations. This