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Homeowners insurance- coverage that provides protection for your residence and its associated financial risks, such as damage to personal property and injuries to others.
Personal Property Floater- additional property insurance that covers the damage or loss of a specific item of high value.
Medical payments coverage- pays the cost of minor accidental injuries to visitors on your property.
Actual cash value- the payment you receive based on the replacement cost of an item minus depreciation.
Replacement value- method for settling claims, you receive the full cost of repairing or replacing an item.
Bodily injury liability- insurance that covers physical injuries caused by a vehicle accident for which you are responsible.
Uninsured motorist’s protection- insurance that covers you and your family members if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or hit-and-run driver.
Property damage liability- motor vehicle insurance that applies when you damage the property of others.
Collision- insurance is insurance that covers damage to your vehicle when it is involved with an accident.
No-fault system- arrangement whereby drivers who are involved in accidents collect money from their own insurance companies.
Assigned risk pool- group of people who cannot get motor vehicle insurance who are assigned to each insurance company operating in the state.
1. Pet Bites, Legal Defense, Garden Damage, Forged Checks, Grave Markers, and Student Property.
2. Coverage for all personal property,