Finding Forrester Essay

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Finding Forrester William is one of the main characters in Finding Forrester, an old, white male, novelist, makes a friendship with, and helps, a black sixteen boy who is very talented in basketball, literature, and writing, Jamal Wallace. William was known for his famous novel The Avalon, fifty years earlier. There were many bad reviews about the novel, and the death of his parents and brother put him into a long depression. He decided to isolate himself from the public and was never heard from again. There were very many events that happened and the development of a friendship with Jamal, would give William a new perspective on life. In the movie, William would have never confronted his fears or rejoining the world if it weren’t for Jamal. A friendship with Jamal led to many events that brought change with William Forrester. Having someone to talk to, realizing he could trust someone, the importance of friendship, seeing life in a new way, and standing up for what he believes in, were all factors that resulted in his growth and would not have came out with this friendship. Jamal’s company came as a bit of surprise, but William is a smart man and knew that by editing those notes, Jamal would be back. Jamal came back when he saw that his notes were written all over them with corrections that William Forrester made. Jamal went back to go talk to William about the notes he corrected. That was the day that William and Jamal became friends, Jamal helped William and William helped Jamal. For William’s birthday Jamal took William to a baseball stadium. Jamal lost William in the subway and William was freaking out. That was one moment William Jamal went through out of the many there were. Towards the end of the movie Jamal was having a problem at school, William went out of his apartment to go help Jamal. Remember William was isolated from others but he overcame his fear for Jamal, William