Talent Management Essay

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Critically evaluate the development issues that arise for managing talent. Evaluate the appropriateness of different development interventions for talented employees.
Talent management is defined as the strategies and practices needed to identify, develop, attract and retain skilled workers of value to an organisation. (Rands 2009). It can be described as a holistic approach to the strategic management of the organisation’s employees. Organisations need to view their people as investments which add value to the company and not as costs which take from the bottom line. Having a talent management system in the organisation is crucial to growing the value of that human capital. If we analyse the critical factors for
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Implementing a talent management programme in any organisation, means a huge investment of one of top management’s most precious commodities; namely time. Everyday management are provided with a whole list of issues and problems which require their attention, fighting the war for talent means the company has to focus first on grading, then selecting and recruiting the best people and this will impact the amount of time spent on dealing with all the other items that require their attention. Also talent management is a strategic exercise, not a short term one. The goal is to provide leadership into the future and usually takes between two and five years. The company is now focussed on individuals rather than on teams or working groups.Talent management programmes can cause “companies to ignore or downplay the importance of intervening to build cultures and systems that