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South Carolina has many beautiful geographical features and also has a rich and full history. South Carolina has a population of 4,012,012 (2000), some of which live in Columbia, the
Capital. Columbia is 134.9 square miles. Which adds to South Carolina 30,111 square miles.
South Carolina is located in the southern region of the United States. The mountains in
South Carolina are the Blue Ridge Mountains. South Carolina also contains many rivers including the Savannah, Lumber, Great and Little Pee Dee, and Catawba Rivers. It is next to the
Atlantic Ocean and includes the Greenwood and Keowee Lakes. South Carolina is plentiful with gold, vermiculite, granite, limestone, and mica . The weather in South Carolina is very warm and the climate is humid continental and in some parts humid subtropical.
The Native people of South Carolina included the Iroquoian Stock. They mostly inhabited the northwestern area of South Carolina, one of the main groups was the Cherokees.
South Carolina also included the Siouan Stock. They lived in the Northeastern part of South
Carolina and included Catawba Native American group. South Carolina also includes the
Muskoyean Stock of Native Americans. They lived in the Southern region of South Carolina. In
1526, the Spanish made an unsuccessful attempt to settle in Winyah Bay, or present day
Georgetown. The French also tried to create colony under leadership of Jean Ribault, but became weak when the Ribault returned to France, and the Colony slowly died out. The first permanent settlement came 100 years after the French settlement from England with a charter from King
Charles the II. William Sayle sailed to South Carolina with three shiploads of English emigrants.
The settlement was made in order to provide money to the king, land to the nobles, and goods to

the Empire. The colony farmed and sold tobacco, rice, cotton, indigo, and cattle.The colony had a fairly good relationship with the Native Americans. Except for quarrels and one notable fight between the Native Americans and the English. The Spanish people in the colony upset the
Native American group Yamasee in 1755, however the Spanish were able to stop the Yamasee with no support from any major proprietors. The colony started to thrive until some time in the
The colony in South Carolina had the Constitution of Carolina that acted as a form of government from 1669­1698 in the Spanish and/or French colonies. It was a very strange government that tried to avoid all democracy and thereby avoiding any representation. Only free white men could vote and black people, even if they were free, had no power. William Sayle, was the first governor when South Carolina switched to a more democratic government. After he died, Yeamans was governor, he held office for four years and was dismissed for making himself wealthy at the peoples expense. After him was John West, West was in office for nine years, he was an honorable and able man. The last of the four main governors was Sothel, who was notoriously known and driven out of both North and South Carolina. He was a poor leader and did not try to please the people. The government of South Carolina was very important to the historical and present day features of political South Carolina.
In the southern colonies, especially the Carolinas, there were many slaves. In South
Carolina, along with the rest of the Southern Colonies, the population of enslaved blacks was more than the population of the whites. In fact, in 1820, there were 256,301 enslaved Africans.
The slaves worked on plantations that mainly farmed sugar, cotton, and tobacco. The slaves were considered to be chattel. The slaves were very restricted and had to be very very careful with

what they said or the would be beaten, given less food, or other