First essay in Lang

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The feeling I got from the first essay in AP Lang, was not exactly ecstatic. I was confused about how to start the essay since there was no format for me to begin with, and I was pressured by the time limit and completely forgot to plan for my essay. By the time that I noticed that my whole essay was a complete mess, I had already used half of my time up. I had no composition or theme, and the ideas were all over the place instead of in a certain area of the essay. Obviously by the way I was explaining my time while writing the essay, I felt pressured and confused mostly. Truthfully I feel I like probably that I got probably a 3 or 2 in an essay rank. I actually enjoyed the content of the passage but when it came to the topic I was confused about what exactly it was telling me to write about. Personally, I’m not too sure that I actually wrote about the right topic. Since I was unsure of the topic, I was unsure throughout most of the writing which had a negative impact on my writing. My essay probably sounds unsure and not too neat or coordinated. But since the passage was interesting, I enjoyed reading the passage but was in shock while writing. When I read over my essay in the end I figured that I did really badly. As I figured, the first essay in AP Lang was not exactly something I did too great on, and I probably never want to go back and remember the moment while I was writing in confusion. I was lost and had no idea what I was doing during the whole time I was