Essay 2

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Christian Gonzalez
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Essay #2

As the generations pass, the technology advances, creating changes in life style. Communicating is a big change. Richard Louv writes in his essay “Last Child in the Woods”, this world has become purely based on “material” needs. The once known views on the physical world have been pushed aside. Through his essay Louv presents the clear separation now created between nature and people. The diction he uses throughout the first two paragraphs indicate a sense of sarcasm, as he describes his friend’s purchase of an SUV. Not only was this a deluxe “Mercedes..with Global Positioning System”, but it also had the latest and hottest add-ons. However, these add-ons change every day to a point where people continue to want the best and only the best. This was shown as he describes his friend to have “settled” on this specific one, due to all her hard ships and accomplishments of surviving in this harsh world. A clear and evident separation of people and nature was through this physical placement of two opposing sides. The first two paragraphs being a modern look on the world, “the material world.” As the other two paragraphs focused on the relativity of nature and human attention towards it. Within the third paragraph, we see a long sentence structure describing all that used to be seen during a car ride. These continuous listings of all the sites creates an effect of time passing. The once long car rides were now enjoyed by