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Once you know where you want to fish, it is easier to figure out what kind of fishing you will do, and this narrows down what type of fishing tackle you need to learn about and consider purchasing.
Licenses Available: Annual license, one-day or two-day license, 10-day license
Fishing in a lake from the shore – Sit and wait fishing with a bobber and bait. You can begin with some relatively inexpensive equipment, don’t need a boat or any special equipment, and you might even catch a fish!
Surf Fishing from the beach – Requires heavier tackle, which requires paying a higher cost than lake fishing to get started. Your success can also be quite variable. Some days you do not get a bite. At the other end of the spectrum, you can have productive days that can deliver some real surprises.

This guide has details of size and catch limits and other regulations.
Salt water, streams, ponds.....trout, bass, sharks....there are rules and regulations for many different species of both sport fish and non-sport fish. Regulations vary by state and, in some cases, according to federal rules.
Pick out the right rod. Go to the local outdoor shop or There are lots of different styles of fishing and different equipment for different situations.
If using a soft plastic such as a lizard or a worm, reel in slowly and tug at it every once in a while. Fish like for their worms to be moving, particularly erratically so.
When you have a bite, wait a second or two to make