Fit In Essay

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Donzell Jones
Mr. McNeil
Honors World Lit.
February 20, 2014

Have you ever felt like you are lonely in a place where loneliness does not exist? Or have you felt forced to be somebody that you are not just to fit in? People often feel this way when they move from state to state or country to country. One must struggle with the harsh laws and judgment from the eyes of society. They are identified as immigrants or foreigners. Realizing that they must go through a struggle just to be accepted. In today’s society, people are categorized by their ethnicity or where they came from. Many of these people are from different places all over the world. They sometimes experience what people will call discrimination. For instance, they are treated unequally, such as being refused a place to live or simply not giving the same rights as someone else just because of their background. They often have to take even the hardest, worst paid jobs and still have difficulty adjusting entirely into society. Here in America, they see these people as aliens; fearing and hating them just because they look or talk differently. But in reality they are no different from others around them and just want to live peacefully on this planet we call earth. Some people are not even accepted in their own community. They try their hardest just to be or look like the so called normal person next to them. An example being, they go out and buy things like clothes because other people might look good