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Entrepreneurial Leadership
Five Guy’s

Bridget Crim
Dr. Westray
Business 508
April 28, 2013

A Burger and Fries restaurant chain began with a single location in Arlington, VA, which was opened by Jerry Murrell and four of his sons. The sons were given two options either they were to go to school or start a restaurant. In which they started a restaurant that has turned into an enterprise and has grown from a single family owned restaurant to a franchise with 450 locations in thirty states which is the famously known restaurant Five Guy’s.
The philosophy and mission of Five Guy’s is to provide hamburger that out beat the rest of the competition and setting standards that are higher than other burger restaurants’. With hamburger restaurants on every corner what would make their company stand out. Well Five Guy’s prepare high quality food in a clean and welcoming atmosphere providing great customer services. Their distinctiveness of their hamburgers consists of seventeen toppings and are made to order. They fries are hand cut and cooked in peanut oil giving healthy benefits to their food. When have you ever seen a Five Guys Commercial? Well Five Guys doesn’t have a marketing department it relies on positive word of mouth from pleased customers which is the best form or advertisement which cuts cost for marketing.
Some of the original values of the company are the same values of today. When Murrell and his four son’s founded Five Guy’s they open a restaurant and perfected the menu even though simple but great, one of the main values that still remain today at Five Guys is knowing what you are good at and sticking with it. Some other values of the original company are that the customer knows best, every employee’s position at the company has value, and quality is everything and employee incentives go a long way which today all 450 franchises still use to provided great service and continue building a successful franchise.

Three factors that contribute to the great success of the franchise Five Guy’s is the following: making food that is made with high quality products and simple topping creating great hamburgers and fries they wanted people to know that they put all their money into the food. Which changes a person’s average burger experiences with their high quality standard. Second Quality is the key to any successful business, providing customers with great quality foods and customers services any customer will return no matter the cost of the items being sold. And having employees in every position within the company and treating them with value which in turn gives them the confidents to come to work and provided excellent services to the customers. Which when the employees give great services and great food the customers will become their best salesman. The third key that Jerry Murrell valued his customers by treating people right; and he or she will walk out the door and sell for you.
The effects that the external market has had on the Five Guy’s franchise company’s success is to provide the customer with quality, but be different than other restaurant and targeting a niche market who wants to go out and purchase a handmade hamburger like momma’s homemade burgers fresh, pump and juicy by going out but not to a fast food restaurant. The company does not offer a fancy or modern spot its restaurant layout is simple with tile walls and floors the company doesn’t believe in spending money on unnecessary designs, they believe in spending their money on the quality of the food. The ethical and social practices that are apart of Five Guy’s