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Hamilton 1

Alyssa Hamilton
9 September 2014
Miami Beach
It is spring break, in the middle of March, my senior year. The salty floating breeze of
Miami's coast is enough to make my knees go weak. I look into the cloudless, cerulean blue sky and see perfection of life. In the distance I see rolling clear-blue waves crash into each other with such force as like football players. I squint in the distance of the progressing whitecaps and come upon a floating yacht. I knew I was going to love being here.
Focusing my attention to the beach, I observe middle-aged people resting on long and vibrant beach towels, children creating sandcastles or trying to learn how to swim in the ocean, and young couples holding hands while walking along the shore line. I close my eyes and take in all of my surroundings and ran my fingers slowly through my long and brownish hair as I take in the smell of the salty evening air that tingles my nose. I was feeling like a seagull, drifting endlessly in the wind without a care in the world, comforted by the resonance of the rolling waves, distant voices, and laughter of people nearby. A young girl says, "Let's go into the ocean." A older woman yells, "its so hot out!"
Afterwards, I let myself absorb the blistering rays of the sun, while opening my mouth to the bitterness of the sticky evening air. I am taken in by the soothing, relaxing, and peaceful atmosphere. I stroll along around the Miami beach and the grainy, slick, brown sugar sand pulls my bare feet under and leaves an imprint. I was comforted by the sounds of the ocean, the

Hamilton 2

rhythmic pounding of the waves represses all of my worries. I become enveloped by abundance of situations around me. Finally, I laid down the warm and uneven sand. I ran my hand delicately over the smooth surface, leaving a trail from my fingertips. I pick up a handful and sift it from my palm slowly, feeling the grittiness of beach sand with each finger.
Next, I decided to be adventurous, I stand and begin to brave the rumbling waves that are inches away. I charged into the deep blue ocean with vigorous splendor and utter excitement. I insert my bare feet into the ocean and I'm taken back by the shocking coolness of the water. I almost hyperventilate. I brought myself to a fast halt at…