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Food Intake – 3 Days

In my recorded daily intake the foods that provided protein were beef, turkey, chicken and beans. All of the foods mentioned before provided lipids. The recorded protein, carbohydrates and lipid intakes were above the recommendations of my DRI. Since they were too high I would recommend eliminating the beef and any parts of the chicken and turkey which have excess fat. I would add more lean meats and organically proteins. Surely I would eliminate any high fat foods, emphasize in low fat like vegetables and salads. I ate both complete and incomplete proteins, but combining both they provided a complimentary asset of proteins. This is very important, “any protein that is incomplete on its own but may become complete when combined with other proteins to provide all of the amino acids necessary for normal metabolism. With this said any insufficient proteins in our bodies can be complimented to form a complete protein.
In my daily recommended protein intake I was just shy of 10 grams, in y carbohydrate intake I surpassed my daily intake by 346 grams ( very surprised) and lipid intake was just above average Macronutrients are substances needed for growth, metabolism, and for other body functions. Macronutrients are nutrients that provide calories or energy (Gary R. 1998).Keeping in range your micronutrient is very important, the range provides a guide to a well-balanced nutrition in which you should not exceed the recommended ratios in order not to create excess energy in thus converting to fat. The lack of micronutrients is also important to keep in mind. Lack of these nutrients can cause malnutrition that can lead to disease complexity disorder and long term damage to your organs.
If you constantly eat too little protein you will start to lose muscle complexity due to that proteins are the building blocks of muscle. If you deprive yourself of proteins and there is a lack of energy your body will start taking energy from your muscles. If you consume too little carbohydrates you’re depriving yourself of necessary nutrients in whole grain foods and vegetables, some of the consequences are digestive difficulties, decreased energy and heart disease. Eating too little fat may also lower your blood levels of HDL raising your risk of cardiovascular problems and stroke. My fiber intake did not reach the one hundred percent that is recommended to me in my DRI. My intake was too low since I only consumed 13 grams of fiber and my DRI recommends 30 grams per day. Most of my diet lacked vegetables and whole grains that provide an excellent source of fibers. AS a result I did not meet the recommended servings of foods from each fiber containing group.
The vegetable group was the most I lacked since I had only consumed about one cups of vegetables in three days. The foods that provide the most fiber in my diet are whole grains and beans. There isn’t any specific trend in my diet that may affect my fiber choices. I will surely include more vegetables in my diet, whole grains and lean meats. Fruits will not be left aside but, consume a wide variety of them not only the usual; apples, oranges and grapes. My diet does include fiber-rich beans such as chili beans. You can get plenty of fiber if you include whole grain products, fruits and vegetables, and legumes like beans, peas and lentils in your diet. It's the protein in these foods that adds the texture. So while you can get fiber through juice, you will be missing the majority of it that is found in the peel. Insufficient amounts of