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For Affirmative Action Affirmative action, is the action of allowing students based on race or ethnicity into a college with or without any academic excellence. People who are against this believe that people who are going into college should be above a standard and the race or ethnicity doesn’t matter, but it does. The ethnicity an individual represents them in the way they speak, and the way they were taught. Often times a person will lack in an area of education that can be traced to a problem based on their ability to comprehend a concept that should have been taught at home. People should be for affirmative action, it helps cultivate our society, allows different culture’s expand, and helps for fair education to all. When our colleges take affirmative action they are helping to cultivate our society, by doing this we learn so much about many other ethnicities. In high school they have made it mandatory for all student’s to take two or more years of a second language. The reason for this is because of how diverse society is becoming, and with more diversity comes more chances to learn about the different ethnicities around us. People who are against affirmative action sometimes believe that allowing different diversity’s will affect them, and that is right, but necessarily in a bad way. With proper education and the drive to learn anyone person can be successful no matter the race, ethnicity or the hardship a person has overcome. When a college takes affirmative action this allows cultural to expand. Not only does it benefit the person of a different race but it benefits anyone who talks to that person. A perfect example is here at Lamar State College - Port Arthur. We have a variety of ethnicities, just sitting in my class we have four different types of races. Lily Pham is a great example of how affirmative action has allowed her cultural to expand. When she registered to Lamar State College - Port Arthur some of her friends did too. Most of the people that she would call her friends happen to be the same race as herself, but when she entered college she soon began to make friends with another student Jesi Ochoa of a different race. The two began to learn about each other’s cultural and realized how close they are in tradition, religion and beliefs. When colleges allow students into the school based on their race it helps