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Conclusion Question Bird Bill Simulation
Jackie Kim 4/2/15 1. For the rice bird population, the fork bill birds were the second best birds to eat the most and so they were able to reproduce every generation. The spoon bill birds were the best type of bird to consume as much rice as they can which meant that reproducing was east for these type of birds. The stick bill birds had the most trouble and in fact could not feed for all generations, which made reproduction nearly impossible. The straw bills were second to the worst; it barely got any food and reproduction was also very unlikely for this group of birds. The knife bills were at an average at feeding which made reproduction also adequate as well. For the birds that were successful in feeding, there was a greater chance that they will reproduce, increasing the population size while it was the opposite for the other groups that did horrible. The average group would have maintained its population size and neither exceed or decrease. For the pinto bean population, the fork bill birds also did the second best like the rice population and would’ve been able to reproduce after every generation very successfully. The spoon bill bird was also the best in the pinto bean population and also would have been the most successful in reproduction. The stick bill birds, unlike the rice population ones, were second to last and while still unsuccessful in feeding and reproducing, they were more successful than the rice population. This time the straw bill birds were the worst because they could not feed at all and the straw was too small for the pinto beans, so they’re reproduction would’ve been unsuccessful as well. The knife bill birds was also the average again and would’ve had the same outcome as the first one (rice population). For the rubber band population, the fork bills came in third this time unlike the other two, so the reproducing must’ve fell for this population. The spoon bill population did terrible in this one; it was unable to feed as successful as the other two spoon populations, which would decrease their reproduction rate. Surprisingly, the stick bill birds came in first by feeding the most, which means reproduction would’ve been successful unlike the other two. Next came the straw bills which, unlike the other two, was more successful in feeding which means it was more successful in reproducing. Lastly, the knife bill birds, went from an average consumer to a better consumer, and the reproduction would’ve followed its trend.

2. The beak trait best for the rice population was the spoon bill. The spoon has a larger surface area than any other bill so it carries more food than the others and did not have openings like the fork. The spoon also is indented inwards so one the food goes in, it won’t fall out of it or slip out. The beak trait best for the pinto beans, even though the difference in size between the rice and pinto beans, was the spoon for the same reasons as the rice population. The beak trait best for the rubber band population was the stick bill. Because the rubber…