Forum Discussion Activities

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Forum Discussion Activities
Forum Discussion Week 3 – Question #1
Please post your response to ONE of the following questions in the Forum by Wednesday, midnight, of Week 3. Then please post at least three responses to other student’s postings by Saturday, midnight, of Week 3. * You are the Vice President of a US based software company. You have been tasked with exploring the possibility of setting up a software development operation in India. You have heard that the rigid caste systems can affect business operations. Do you think it is possible to use a typical US management style in India or should you adjust to the local Indian managerial style and employment practices? Explain.
Forum Discussion Week 3 – Question #2
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McDonalds is a great example; McDonalds is everywhere and consumers shop with McDonalds because the golden arches are known globally, and the business model is a cookie cutter from store to store, nothing changes. Understanding how cultural differences can affect the way in which a business is practiced, Employing local citizens, mixing managerial staff ,educating ourselves about the culture are great and must do’s, but keeping the company’s business model intact and adjusting to the environment is the key to protecting ourselves from the danger of being ill-informed. Business and money are both universal languages and there are more ways to make it work within a proven system than not.

Businesses create strategies for setting up relationships with other countries based upon the type of product involved and whether their entry is in the product market or the resource market.
“Strategy” within this global framework most closely resembles a ‘marketing strategy’ that addresses target markets, segmentation, positioning and allocation of resources.
Discuss the various strategies outlined within the text reading and which one or two seem to fit your final project country and product best.
Provide a glimpse of your final paper by discussing the product and country you have selected and post and respond to