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Community Action Community Action provides emergency assistance such as shelter, food and clothing and so much more to area residents and the homeless through the agency’s five Community Action Centers. (Retrieved from
A shared program offered through the Community Action is Birth through 3 and Parents as Teachers. This program is meant to encourage and educate parents during the crucial development years of their children. This opportunity is meant to help a family be more confident and succeed no matter what their financial income or education level is. Services offered are home visits by a certified parent educator, developmental screenings, resources and group family connections.
The Child and Adult Care Food Program is a federally funded program to licensed/registered child care providers to enable them to offer nutritious meals and snacks to the children they care for. Child care providers also provide nutrition education such as exercise and good eating habits. Monthly reimbursements are based on number of children that are cared for.
Energy assistance is a very popular program for area residents. This program is for Iowa residents who are low income and require help paying for their heating costs. Not all applicants will be qualified and the award amount given varies based on funding and income. When I was unemployed, I used this program as well. I feel very blessed to have had this assistance.
Community Action also offers Head Start which promotes early learning and child development. This is essential to better education and learning skills prior to kindergarten.

The MAP or Medication Assistance Program is also available to assist those who cannot afford prescription medications on their own. Community Action helps these individuals apply for free or reduced medications that may be necessary or lifesaving.
Another program through Community Action is SHARE. This stands for Self Help and Resource Exchange. It is a national network of non-profit organizations dedicated to:
Providing quality monthly food packages at a reduced cost
Promoting volunteer service in our communities
Building partnerships with community organizations
A professional purchasing staff buys the food from growers, manufacturers and producers. SHARE Iowa is one of many affiliated programs coordinated nationally by World SHARE. World SHARE purchases over 12 million pounds of food each month without the use of state or federal funding. The food is trucked to each of the participating affiliate warehouses and distributed through a network of community host sites. Because of the bulk buying power and the volunteer distribution network, savings of up to 50% on nutritious foods are passed on to the participants.
(Retrieved from

Community Action’s Weatherization Program is funded by federal, state and local monies. Depending on the location of a home to be weatherized, some utility companies will cover the cost of installing energy saving devices like low-flow shower heads, water heater covers, and high-efficiency light bulbs. Community Action’s weatherization crews make a health and safety check for safe operation of gas appliances and clean and tune gas furnaces. Weatherization specialists may also provide energy saving tips and suggestions to clients.