Frankenstein and Movie Essay

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The novel and movie of Frankenstein were alike and different in many ways. I enjoyed reading the book very much, but I also enjoyed watching the movie. The story is very well known around the world and has had many remakes to the movie and to the story. Frankenstein is a world famous character from TV shows to stories and Mary Shelley is the reason why he is so well known around the world.
The movie and book portrayed Frankenstein both in their own ways. In the book he was a tall dead looking man with long dark hair, but in the movie he was a tall green monster with knobs coming out of his neck. I think the movie portrayed him scarier than the book did. I think the book told the story but the movie made Frankenstein famous. This is one difference between the movie and the book.
They’re many other differences between the book and the movie. One of these differences was how much he talked in the book and the movie showed him where he was not able to speak much at all just mumble. The book showed full conversations between him and victor, but the movie just showed him growl and moan to show the more scary attributes of Frankenstein. This is one more of the differences between the movie and book.
Another difference between the book and the movie was the name of the creator of Frankenstein. In the book his name was Victor Frankenstein, but in the movie his name was Henry Frankenstein. The book also told of his future wife being adopted by his family but in the