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On a typical day, 15 minutes after her mom leaves the house, she automatically comes to me and asks me if she can go memes with me, which I love so much. She automatically grabs a hold of my arm and locks it with both of her arms. Then when she gets up she says good morning with both of her hands under her chin and says I love you with a big hug as a bonus. Emily and I have a love and hate relationship that sometimes I feel like I have a baby sister instead of a niece. We both enjoy watching TV together however we have different taste in TV shows. She prefers Rated G, while I on the other hand, prefer anything Rated R and above However, she definitely knows how to keep me on my toes, alright. When it has been unusually quiet for a long period of time, and shes alone in the room that means she is up to no good Ill usually catch her playing with water in the bathroom or playing with make-up. Emily is such a girlie girl compared to me. EVERYTHING has to be pink and she loves to fix her hair, pick out her tutu and apply lip gloss just before we go out. We do many things together that day by day, not only do we get to know each other better, we start acting the same way. Actually, she has no choice since shes stuck with me everyday till her mom comes home in the afternoon. She cant get away whether she wants to or not. But honestly, I love her to death and wouldnt exchange her for anything.well, sometimes I do consider it, but only when shes acting like my little monster Mary Carpena Professor Munoz Monday Wednesday English 101 25 February 2015 Falling in Love with a Beautiful Little Monster What is it about being deeply in love that changes your life for the better Ive been in love. The feeling of love makes me feel like Im in heaven floating in the clouds while the angels singing a merry song to me. The happiness that I feel when Im in love is so extraordinary that I cant seem to stop smiling. Id love to tell you what I think and know about how I fell in love with a beautiful little monster.When I open my eyes, first thing I think about is my little monster. I wonder if she is going to act like an angel or a monster. An Aunties love for her niece is unbreakable by anyone. She changed how I live and cherish my life in a tremendous way. I adore my niece for being such a unique individual, she taught me how to be responsible for someone elses life, and she reminded me how to be a kid again. My little monsters name is Emily Janae-Lyn and she is 4 years old, going on 13. She was born on January 11, 2011 and her sign is Capricorn. Just like a goat she is ambitious, humorous, disciplined only when she wants to be, and reserved to an extent. In addition to that, she is a very sweet girl, like an angel, especially when shes asleep. In addition, she has such an enchanting voice that makes the listener fall in love with her and in combination with her dancing, which would be a double killer. Lets just say who can resist an angelic ballerina No one can Emily is one of a kind and irresistibly pretty. She will definitely break some hearts just like her Auntie when she gets older. Yeah, you heard me right. Thats not a question, its a fact Since now you know a little bit of information about what my beautiful little monster is like, I will now talk to you about the day that I realized how to be responsible for someones life besides my own. I remembered it was on January 3, 2014, since it was Emilys second day of her ballet class. My sister wasnt able to take her to class since she had to go to work. I was left in charged of taking her to ballet class and I was her instructors assistant. My cousin left the house around 630 in the morning and all of a sudden I heard heavy footsteps coming towards my room. My door slowly opened and closed. Next thing I know, I saw this small figure that Im familiar with. This little monster asked me if she can sleep next to me, which I love so much. This adorable little monster automatically grabs a hold of my