Frankenstein: Murder and Scarlet Fever Elizabeth Essay

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Happy childhood
Desire to learn
Great parents
At age 15 they moved to Belgrave witnessed a thunderstorm that destroyed an oak tree
At 17 visited his school and Elizabeth catches Scarlet Fever
Elizabeth and Victor to get married
Victor promised Elizabeth to write everyday
Upon arrival he meets the angel of destruction
Walden said Victor wasted his time
After visiting la he found true passion and didn’t go home for 2 years becomes in grossed with cause of life
Learns about death, spends day and nights in morgues
Wanted to bestow life upon lifeless matter
Walden tells him his discovery might destroy him
Victor decides to make an 8ft man and becomes obsessed
Wants to be regarded as father of creation
Want to be able to restore life(God life complex)
Becomes oblivious to feelings
Lab above apartment in attic
Becomes insensitive to beauty of nature
Father writes a letter about his insensitivity and him ignoring his family
Becomes “ill”
8ft tall
Not beautiful
Skin / Teeth are black
Worked feverishly for 2 years to make this creation and not he’s filled with disgust and remorse.
Horrible dream about Elizabeth's death.
Awakes and sees Frankenstein trying to talk to him.
Nature v Nurture
Argument for children born with different handicaps.
Children still must be loved and cared for.
Runs into Henry when he leaves the garden.
Justine, worked in Victors house, had a difficult relationship with her mother.
Victor’s brother, William, has been murdered.
Print of the murderer was on his neck.
William was 5 years old.
Elizabeth blamed herself because of the locket that she gave him with his mother picture in it.
Justine arrested for murder.
Condemned to death.
Elizabeth refuses to go alone (First person therefore Victor must be present.)
Reactions show how self centeredness and selfishness
Williams Story
Gave the little boy moms locket
Gate to Geneva locked
Elizabeth testified that there is no why that Justin could of had anything to do with the death of William.
Priest told Justine to just testify because she would be convicted no matter what.
Justine is found guilty and sentenced to death.
Victor realized that more victims to come
Cannot sleep
Solitude is the only consolation.
No longer believes in the good of people
Victor goes away to travel to Chamounix.
Childhood place.
Brought back fond memories.
Climbs to top of glacier, Montanvert, sees monster on top.
Monster says to him: “Devils