Essay on Freedom of Speech

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April 9, 2014


The Bill of Rights was written to ensure that our government had limitations. It specifically states what CANNOT be imposed upon the governed. This set of “laws” (so to speak) were well and carefully prepared so that one may have the freedom to say what they feel, so long as one does not have misconstruction or abuse of its powers. Although there are guidelines to which one must follow, (not threaten someone’s life) we have a right to think and speak as we feel, so long as no harm ever comes about. The First Amendment is “Freedom of Speech”. It promises that one can speak without fear of censorship or retribution from the government. It guarantees freedom of the press, the right to assemble, and states that the government cannot impose a specific religion upon the population. Thus we may worship as we please or refrain from this activity, altogether, without fear. I believe that these freedoms were ensured to give the population the opportunity to reason for themselves and choose the path their lives would follow. Without these guarantees, people would be stifled and stagnant. There would certainly be less creativity and innovation. There would be fear of punishment for even thinking independent thoughts. No one would offer an opposing idea for the sake of debate or to demonstrate tolerance and respect for another person’s point of view. Our activities would be performed with no enthusiasm. The American