Persuasive Speech On Freedom

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Freedom is all
I support the viewpoint that such control violates student’s right to free expression. We as Americans have the right to the first Amendment. I don’t think we fought for our independence just for a few people in this country. If the Amendment goes for every single one of us old, young, rich, or poor, it really doesn’t matter, I think we should abide by it. The fact that all of students’ rights go away once you are on school grounds, make it seem like the students have no kind of opinion. Besides I think they should try to stop the young from expressing themselves as students. Whatever we have the right to do outside of school should be the same as when we are in school. But they want to try to take the rights away because they still see the young the children of the world. When you are in high school you are a young adult, who is getting ready to become a mature adult who has to step out in pay bills right along with everyone else, and being on your own looking for a place where you can call home. Handicapping us, as I call it, does not help in anyway. In the process of “finding yourself” you have to experiment with life, take some chances that you never thought of taking. Open up to your peers; let them know how you feel about certain stuff that goes on in the world. Let it be known that you have an opinion, a mind of your own, that you have the ability to make choices. Without being able to do that you have nothing, you have no words, you have no mouth,