Essay on Freedom: Rights and Freedom

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English 131-12

To be or not to be
I don’t fully understand the concept of “freedom” some contend that it is their constitution and bill of rights that they deserve and must preserve. However, if a piece of paper tells people what they should and shouldn’t do and what they do and don’t deserve isn’t that still limiting their rights their choice. So what is freedom? Isn’t it to be unrestricted from the chains (or in this case paper) telling them what actions they are permitted to take. Liberty is merely what we hold onto to believe that there is something good and better for us out there in the real world, when in reality we don’t know what’s coming for us we don’t know the true meaning of freedom because we haven’t been introduced to what freedom really is. In other words-freedom does not exist. In reality even the paper I’m currently writing can be archived and searched by the government they make it an excuse that it is for our safety that they must know every little detail about us it doesn’t hide the fact that we are all being incriminated for possibly committing a crime. No matter how many times the government is able to search and spy on us there are sides of good evil and in the center the insane. There is no knowing what people might do but they call it personal information for a purpose the fact that it is information that no other person has the right to invade. If we