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Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud the father of psychoanalysis is known for his disturbing but semi-true theories. His most famous theory talked about stages us as humans had to overcome to reach psychosexual development or in simpler terms being a normal sexually active adult. The theory consisted of five stages. Many people believed these stages were completely disgusting but when you read into them you find that these stages are somewhat disgusting but also somewhat true. I can honestly say I believe in these stages to a certain point. Freud was a bit exaggerated and disturbing but the man was also very intelligent. Sigmund Freud’s 5 stages to psychosexual development were the Oral Stage, Anal Stage, Phallic Stage, Latent Stage, and the Genital Stage. The oral stage is the first stage to Freud’s theory, the oral stage last from birth to eighteen months. Baby’s love to put objects in their mouth it’s their way of discovering their taste sense and what things taste like. I completely agree with this stage. The second stage is the anal stage. In this stage, kids eighteen months to four years old find pleasure in holding in their poop. I believe this is true because they get attention this way. Parents are of course going to be worried if there kid isn’t pooping so they’re going to be giving extra attention and caring for the child, kids love attention and they feel a sense of pleasure when they get it. The third stage is a bit exaggerated its called the Phallic stage. In the Phallic stage kids from four to seven years old discover their genitalia. Freud believed that in the Phallic stage children will be masturbating and I don’t believe this is true. I believe that kids in the phallic stage do discover their body but don’t know what they do and do not have. I believe that children from the age of four to seven don’t have that type of mentality to be masturbating yet. The fourth stage is the Latent stage. In the latent stage kids from the ages of five, six, or seven to puberty will be discovering sex and their body more. I agree with this stage. Kids are always going to be discovering their body and sexual organs and they do this by observing other kids or their parents have “The Talk” with them. The latent stage is 100 percent true. The last stage is the genital stage. The genital stage begins at puberty. In this stage kids already know what they need to know, they start to gain a sex drive and begin to focus pleasure in sexual intercourse. I believe that 4 out 5 stages are completely true, other may disagree with me but we are all allowed an opinion. Freud believed that another step to reach being a normal sexually active adult was having the urge to kill your father and marry your mother. I feel that Freud’s Oedipus complex was completely false. Freud was a tad exaggerated but when you read about his theories you’ll see that he was making a point but he went a bit to the