Friday Night Lights Book Report

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H. G. Bissinger illustrates how expectations create limitations in his book, Friday Night Lights. Bissinger uses literary devices such as pathos to illustrate a sense of family and community in a town that values these morals and instills them in the game of football. Repetition of phrases such as “clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose” to inform his team under one motto and persuade the audience of how important community is to them, and logos on the game of football to understand the hardships the player's face.
Bissinger establishes credibility by providing a broad and detailed understanding of football and the effects it has on its players. He also uses the pathos to create a deep connection between the players in the book and the audience by including emotional situations and feelings that readers can easily relate to. This illustrates a sense of family and community between the fans and the players through football. The loss of Boobie and football season coming to an end are some unfortunate events that these players have to overcome.
In Friday Night Lights,
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In the beginning of the book, Bissinger provided the reader with the history of the Permian football team, giving the audience more background regarding where the players come from and the team they play for. He then introduces some of the more talented players for Permian. By providing each player's back story he establishes an emotional connection between the reader and the player he is describing. Throughout the story many obstacles are thrown at the young men. The book clearly depicts how hard the real world can affect some and how they choose to cope with it is all that matters. Because the audience has been exposed to the background of the Permian football team, they feel a more emotional response to the events and hardships the men will