Friendship: Adolescence and Friends Essay

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Daniela Herrera 10/3/12

As they get older, teenagers become less dependent on parents and more on their friends. Friends play a big role in a teen’s daily life. Teens do everything with their friends from shopping and playing sports to picking out which colleges they want to go to. The friendships teens make in high school have a strong impact on their way of thinking. The types of friends they make can sometimes determine what type of person they are or will become in the future. The friends that teens make in high school can really affect how they will act the rest of their lives. According to the article “A Teen’s Friends Can Make a Powerful Influence”, a teen’s behavior is influenced by the types of friends that they hang out with. Teens that have friends that “smoke, drink, or use drugs” are much more likely to “mimic their peers’ behavior” and also “adopt the same attitudes”. Teens whose friends participate in sports at school or complete their work on time tend to copy these good habits. It’s easy for a teen to be influenced by their friends’ actions because “fitting in simply feels good”. Not having any friends can make a teen seem somewhat lonesome. Friends are great to have around when you need a shoulder to cry on or some moral support. In “Teen Suicide” it is explained what the role is that friends play in suicide. In a study that was done, it was proven that “Girls were twice as likely” to attempt suicide if they have no friends and “were isolated