Friendships In Swing Kids

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Friendship All friendships have difficulties. People don’t always see eye to eye or let things get in the way. In Swing Kids, the teenagers struggled to keep their friendships together. I have even had some tough times with my own friends. A true friend will want what is best for you. The friendships in Swing Kids were all over the place. Peter and Thomas started out as great friends. They did everything together and would have never even thought twice about hurting each other. As the movie progressed Thomas was blinded by the Nazis. He got pulled into their way of life. He was unable to see how this was affecting his choices and sabotaging his friendship with Peter. By the end of the movie, Thomas had chosen to be a HJ over keeping Peter as a friend. He beat and choked Peter almost to the point of killing him. …show more content…
Her name is Katie Dove. We have been friends since 6th grade. Her and I were as close as you could possibly be with a friend. I never thought I would be able to get mad at her. When she moved the summer before 8th grade, I thought my entire world fell apart. I didn’t blame her for leaving, but I was devastated I lost my best friend. We both vowed to keep in contact no matter what, but long distance is hard. Since she was moved, we have had many fights and gone as long as 6 months without talking to each other. We let the past get between us. We were angry with her moving and how we both handled it. This caused us to stop talking. About two years later, I came to my senses. I realized the mistake we had made, and knew that nothing was worth throwing away our friendship. It relieved a huge weight off my shoulders that I had forgotten was there. I still love her and consider her to be one of my best friends. After all, she knows way too many of my secrets for me to just drop her. We catch up about once a month now. I’m really glad we were able to overcome our