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Happiness Happiness is not a universal concept. It is so because everyone understand happiness in his own way. For someone happiness is plenty of money, big houses, luxirious cars and apartments. For other ones it's the possibility to travel with a bag behind the shoulders. For someone is enough to observe a sunrise and sunset to feel happy. I can go on and on while mentioning different people’s opinions what happiness is.

But I would like to dwell on my own understanding of this complicated notion. In my opinion happiness is my family, friends, dreams and plans for the future.

I should admit that I have a very good family. All the members of our family support each other and, what’s more, are ready to feel happy if one of us is happy, or, express sympathy or understanding if smth is wrong with one of us. No matter what happens my parents always understand me. I exactly know that if I come to them with any problem, I will receive some advice and necessary support. Of course, Things happen, and I sometimes think that they are not fair, or too demanding towards me. But time passes and I realize that they are right.

But everyone will agree with me that our life is not concentrated only on our family relationship. Our everyday life suggests a great deal of external communication, which includes our neighbors, classmates and, of course, friends. Everyone knows the proverb “You’d better have 100 friends rather than 100 dollars.” And I certainly agree with it. Actually, you cannot buy friendship for any money. To my mind, it’s very difficult to find a true friend, a person who you can really trust, rely on. Besides, a real friend is a person who never lets you down, who is always ready to help you, no matter what happens. I’m happy to say that I have such friends. And it doesn’t matter whether we go to the discoes or for walks together or not. (Though it is also very pleasant and interesting!) The fact is that I always feel their support. I’m always sure in their ability (and desire!) to share my troubles. And, of course, I’m happy because of this fact.

So, you can have a lovely family, reliable and dedicated friends but…something is missing. And this something is your understanding of your usefulness for the world or for the people around you. Actually I’m talking about the correct choice for the future career. In my opinion, one cannot feel happy if he isn’t motivated at work. But to be motivated means,