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Yidnekachew Olana

What is Happiness & How to achieve it? The topic “what is happiness and how to achieve it” is presented by KaliKuwada in 10/13/11 at 12:00pm-1:00pm,SCCC Room 3196During the presentation, even though we couldn’t watch video because of the technical problem of the computer, we able to discuss & exchange ideas focusing on the factors that affect happiness. She mentioned three factors that affect happiness regardless of difference in what makes people happy. The first factor is: Friendship in which it is indicated that when people are isolated or lonely, they loss their happiness. And the second one is over extended goal in which she indicated that people spend too much time, energy, and money to achieve materials needs. This makes people to spend almost their whole life to own and taking care of some materials; for example, running a business, attending very long year’s education, building house, buy cars, etc. The third one is, life meaning; in which it is indicated that people needs to have hope and meaningful life. This workshop was so interesting that concerns every one’s life, so I got important lesson. It is very clear that people need happiness to live healthy life .However, the people’s way of living specially in developed nations like USA, is getting more individualistic which has very less room for social life or