Friendship In The Outsiders

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The Outsiders
Thomas Aquinas once said “There is nothing on Earth more prized than friendship.” I feel that this refers to The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton because the socials, who live on the West side, have a lot of money but they don’t care for anybody else but themselves. On the other side of town, the East side, the greasers are a group that doesn’t have much money but they care for others. Both groups help their friends in many ways and back them up. The greasers rely on their friends as family because most of them don’t have family. Friendship is a major part to The Outsiders and there is many examples of it.

One of those many instances of friendship would be when Two-Bit found the kindness in his heart to ask if Marcia and Sherry would
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Most teenagers wouldn’t save those young children from a burning building, they would make sure that they were safe and run out. That isn’t what Pony and Johnny were thinking. They were putting kids out of the church safely even though some of them started to bite Ponyboy. When all the kids were out safely Johnny pushed Ponyboy out the window before himself even though he heard the crumbling of the church and he knew it was gonna fall. That shows how thoughtful a person Johnny is, but right after he pushed him out the ceiling came falling down on Johnny. All of them got rushed to the hospital to get checked out. Friendship is what Johnny most likely thought of when he pushed out Ponyboy and that is also probably what his friends thought of when the ceiling fell on him. To this group of friends friendship helps them get through obstacles and help others.

Thomas Aquinas was correct, friendship is the most prized thing on Earth. The greasers stuck together through thick and thin, even though they didn’t have much friendship is all they needed. Like when Marcia and Sherry trusted the boys to take them home, while their supposed to hate each other because they live on opposite sides of the town. Also when Johnny saves Pony from being drowned, or when he saves him the second time from being burned. The greasers helped each other out and had a strong relationship. But without friendship the greasers or the socials would not be