Functional Areas of Business Paper

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Functional Areas of Business Paper
Takeia A. Arkwright
MGT/521 Management
December 5, 2012
Dr. Irvin Clark

Different operational functions are always in place when dealing with business. Healthcare Management and Human Resource are 2 points of interest that are a direction I would like to achieve. Coordinating the work of the department, work activities of a team of people. Finding out the direct purpose of the organization organizing people or department to perform the work which is required to get the task accomplished. Developing a structure of the team whether it be specific rules, regulations, and job description or open flexible, by work in teams, and having open communication. Healthcare Management
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The work entails employee relationship, payroll, training, benefits, and compliance. Working in HR is a key part in the organization. By working in HR one would be able to identify the best candidate for the job to help the organization achieve their goals. HR would also take the employees correct information to make sure one is paid appropriately. HR would advise on any training, health, vision, 401k options that maybe offered to the employee. If HR is training the employee one needs to make sure he or she understand the concept of the job, make sure they are able to do the job efficiently and effectively and that the employee is also safe from any liabilities. Once training is complete it is HR responsibility to make if hired all paperwork is signed and the person hired is capable of the job. HR also checks in on employees within a certain amount of time to see exactly how he or she is doing on the job and if they are helping the organization reach their goal. Unfortunately HR may have some negative aspects such as disciplinary actions. If an employee is not doing his or her job it is HR responsibility to advise and consult on the occurrence. If the occurrence exceeds then termination may be an option and HR would handle the termination process. Healthcare Management and Human Resource Management both are challenging. At any level of managerial position one must possess different