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Inclusion, equality and diversity is about the way in which a teacher must strive to acknowledge and respect the needs of our learners , and in the process we need to make adjustments to help and offer support to those who may need it. This makes it essential for us to be aware of the views of as many people and their practices as is possible.

Inclusion is where I need to make sure that all the students in a group can participate in some way and that I am aware of any issues which may prevent this. I can tailor questions for the various abilities within a group and ensure that I ask all who wish to participate. I can also be flexible in my approach to making use of time for those who wish to be assessed , as within this part of my duties I am workin in a one to one situation, but still need to be aware that I can make sure that I fit in with the students request , rather than force my own agenda upon them.

Equality is about the way I observe the rights of learners to take part in the learning of my subjects. I must show no preference or negative thought towards learners on grounds of race, ethinicity, sex, religion, disability sexual preference or age. It is important to realise that there is positive as well as negative discrimination and both are to be avoided. I have all backgrounds on the courses I teach and these are usually identified at an early stage of our initial assessment policy. If I have issues which I am not sure about I feel confident enough to approach a learner , explain the course and ask if there are likely to be any issues with the aims or requirements of the course. I have done this on individual basis and always approach it with care and understanding. I have recently had a residential course on which there were two Muslims , this meant we had to amend the menu for the course to avoid the foods which were not acceptable to them. The menu was changed to include suitable food and no other students were aware this happened , infact…