Fur and Fur Animals Essays

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Fifty million animals are violently slaughtered for consumer goods every-year. Don’t animals have the right to live? Fur industries confine thousands of furbearing animals into small cages and massacre them. At this moment, there are currently no federal laws providing protection for these voiceless creatures. These animals are captured in body gripping traps and later their captures slam their skull on the group or beat them with a bat. Even worse, their captures sometimes electrocute, snap their necks or throw them in gassing chambers. To save costs, animals are compacted into small unsanitary cages where they are exposed to diseases, broken limbs and tortured. Those who animal fur and commit animal cruelty should be prosecuted. The fur industry is a billion dollar industry that threatens our environment by contributing to higher energy costs, pollution and destructions and reductions of wild life population. In particular, fur-bearing animals are greater risks because of the demand of fur trimming effects for the fashion powerhouses. Fashion industry should be charged with murder. If society does not tolerate their citizen taking another citizen life, then society should not tolerate or support products that use fur. The advertising company’s that market fur as stylish are just as guilty as the captures that slaughter these innocent voiceless creatures. As an active member of P.E.T.A (People for the ethical treatment of animals) organization, our goal is to provide a voice to the voiceless animals around the world. We strongly believe that animals should not be used for clothing, food or experimentation. To get the public attention we use controversial celebrity ad campaigns, rallies, march and protest. Occasionally we also throw white powders at people that wear fur and occasionally interrupt runway shows by throwing red paint at the models wearing fur. We have been successful in filing lawsuits against people who abuse animals and instrumental in lobbying the government to pass legislation that protect animals. Some people may think we take our actions too far but we are goal is the shed light to the grotesque animal practices. Imagine its takes forty fury animals to be slaughter and skinned in order to make ONE fur coat. The pain and agony that forty fury animals have to go through for one fur coat is unethical. Each fur coat should have a health warning sign that lets the consumer know how many fur animals were slaughtered to produce the coat. Consumers would think twice if they knew how the fur industry operated. Humans should not be in the position to decide which animals should live and who should be killed. Society needs to be more creative in not using alternative animal products. For example, instead of wearing real fur consumers can purchase faux fur that looks exceptional and doesn’t involve slaughtering forty fur creatures for one coat. The environmental effects of killing fur bearing animals for consumer goods have led to increase air pollution from manufacturing plants and toxic chemicals that are used to prevent decomposition of animal fur. Animals manure releases pollution into the air, affecting the life of local communities. Mink and fox farms feces and urine creates an estimated 2.7 million tons creating pollution problems due to inadequate storage and disposal. Not only does it affect the environment it also affects the aquatic ecosystems by causing toxicity to fish and health problems in humans and other animals.

P.E.T.A goal is to put an end to the fashion industry using animal fur and to end animal cruelty.