Essay about Fur: Fur and faux Fur

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Norma Orozco
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Fur/Eco Assigment

Should people use real fur or faux fur? that is the question everyone has asked. Some may say that faux fur is better because its environmentaly helpful towards all animals. Other's may say real fur is better because its less expensive and can be recycled. So which one is the winning side? In my opinion its neither and here is why.
Jody McCutcheon a journalist for ELUXE Magazine wrote an article Titled "Fur is Green. True or Faux? breaking down the pros and cons of both real fur and faux fur. Here is what i learned. Fur is a renewable resource. Fur farms recycle: farmed mink, for example, consume human food waste and meat-processing byproducts. and fur itself, as a material, is more or less biodegradable as any fur-owner knows, without proper care, it soon disentegrates.
Faux Fur however isnt, its petroleum-based, with an estimated gallon of oil used in every three jackets. Faux fur will clog landfills for centuries to come. Faux fur, of course, is more animal-friendly- unless its secretely contains dog, cat or raccon hair. Faux-fur production is also ultimately more energy-efficient, using as little as one-fifteenth the energy required for farmed-fur production.
So as you can see there are both, pros and cons to either side. You save animals if you use faux-fur and if you use faux fur you practically jack up the environment for a very long time because it is not recycleble. Both fur and faux fur excretes toxic chemincal soups that harm water, air and soil. Un managed fur-farm animal waste can seep into local waterways. On one had you'll have vegan animal lovers saying "there is simply no